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Bosch Australia: Premier's Sustainability Award for Recovering Copper from Wastewater!

Posted by Dora Ip on Apr 5, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Electrometals would like to congratulate Bosch Australia for winning the Premier's Sustainability Award for Environmental Protection using emew technology to recover copper from industrial wastewater!



Premier's Sustainability Award

This project eliminates 165 tonnes per annum of hazardous waste from landfills while reclaiming 5 tonnes per annum of copper cathode from wastewater with Electrometals emew electrowinning technology.  The reclaimed copper is recycled and the treated wastewater is reused onsite.



Congrats to Bosch Australia for setting an excellent example of sustainability and environmental protection by reducing hazardous waste and reclaiming valuable metals while also generating income from wastewater. 


Bravo Bosch! Bravo!





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