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4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About emew Cathodes and Anodes

Posted by Sara Wollschlaeger on Apr 10, 2018 3:42:41 PM

Today we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about emew cathode quality and emew anode coating and lifespan.




Q1: How does the copper cathode quality differ to that of conventional electrowinning?

A1: In general, all things equal, emew will produce higher purity cathode as the high flowrate and increased mass transfer make it less prone to contaminants.


Q2: How uniform in thickness is the copper cathode?

A2: Very uniform, as the current distribution within the cell is very even.


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Q1: What is the life of the anode?

A1: Anodes typically last 3-5 years depending on the application and an Operation’s preventive maintenance program.  We have had anodes last as long as 10 years.   During an anode’s service life, they will need to be recoated to replace the active coating. 


Q2: What is the anode made of?

A2: For low pH solutions, the anode is made from a titanium tube that is coated with mixed metal oxide. For high pH solutions, the anode is typically constructed of stainless steel.

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