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FAQ: Factors that affect production rate and purity

Posted by Sara Wollschlaeger on Sep 19, 2018 11:53:56 AM
In this video we discuss which adjustable parameters in the emew cell affect production and purity, as well as which impurities can adversely affect the operation of an emew plant.
Q1: What parameters can be adjusted within the emew cell that affect production or purity?
A1: The key parameters that can be controlled in an emew cell are current density, flow rate, electrolyte temperature, and plating time.  The current density controls the production rate, while the flow rate, temperature, and plating time can all have an impact on the product purity. 
Q2: Are there any impurities that one should be aware of that can adversely affect the operation of an emew plant?
A2: Iron as ferric in the electrolyte can be problematic owing to the ferric/ferrous redox couple which consumes current while not ‘doing anything’.  For copper, typically we recommend a copper to ferric ratio of greater than 6 otherwise an iron removal step may be necessary.  Chloride can also be a concern owing to its corrosive nature.  At high chloride levels, corrosion resistant materials of construction such as titanium can be used for wetted parts.  Fluoride and certain organic compounds can be deleterious to the anode coating.
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