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FAQ: Which metals can emew electrowin?

Posted by Sara Wollschlaeger on Sep 11, 2018 8:42:05 PM
In this video, we explain which metals emew can recover, and if selective recovery of silver from a solution with high copper content is possible.
Q1: Which metals can emew recover?
A1: The ‘sweet spots’ for emew are typically copper, nickel, cobalt, silver, silver-gold and tin.  Some other metals are also possible to electrowin so if you are interested in a metal not listed, please contact us for more information.
Q2:  Can the emew cell recover silver from a solution that contains high levels of copper?
A2: Yes. In some cases the emew cell can selectively electrowin a specific metal in the presence of others; the order in which metals are electrolyzed from solution is determined by their reduction potential relative to each other. The closer two metals reductive potentials are to each other, the more difficult it is to selectively electrowin them. 
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