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Nickel Cathode Harvesting Demonstration

Posted by Alex Barshai on Feb 23, 2017 11:10:58 AM

Today, we will be demonstrating how emew technology can electrowin nickel from solution to produce a high quality cathode.
Once the emew Lab cell has been set up for electrowinning, the system is activated at a specific current density, temperature and run for specified amount of time.
After the allotted time for electrowinning has been completed, the electrical connections are turned off, clamps removed from the anode and cathode, and the flow is halted. Then the lab cell is drained, opened and the starter sheet is carefully removed.
As you can see once starter sheet has been removed, it is unfolded and the inner surface of the starter sheet is inspected for metal deposit.
The emew technician carefully removes and inspects the nickel deposit. It is clear that the product has good consistency and quality nickel metal has been deposited on the starter sheet.
The lab cell test demonstrates emew’s ability to produce high-quality nickel cathode, reduces stress in deposits, and even consistency.
To find out more about how emew can work with your process to produce high-quality nickel, please contact us.


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